Skin Care


European Facial, 30 & 60 mins

Choose between a 1/2 hour or a full hour European Facial. Includes a deep cleanser essential oil therapy, hydrating mask and a relaxing massage!


Microdermabrasion, 60 mins

Includes deep cleansing, medical grade microcrystal, epidermis exfoliation, sunspot lightening, improved elasticity to help with face neck and chest wrinkles!


Photon Light Therapy, 30 mins

Rejuvenating therapy using infrared light!

EuropeaN fACIAL.jpg

Electrolift, 60 Mins

A natural alternative dermotechnology from France that helps plump, firm, lift, restore, hydrate, nourish, revitalize and rejuvenate!


Anti-Aging Facial, 60 mins

Try our 1 hour Anti-Aging Facial. Includes a deep cleanser, Extractions, Exfoliation, PH balance, deep hydration, 4 layer enzyme mask and a relaxing massage!


Micro-needling, 60 mins

Increases Collagen & elasticity, reducues scar tissue!


Peels, 30 mins

Reduces fine lines & wrinkles, lightens dark spots, balances skin tone and rejuvenates tired skin!