Nails & Waxing

At Tyler Presley Salon, we think that our beauty is highly affected by the way we feel, that's why we offer relaxation services for our clients including nails, pedicures and waxing.

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Skin Care Health

Making your dreams for beautiful, radiant skin come true is possible with a facial. Not only are facials necessary for maintaining healthy skin, they are also a wonderful way to relax. We offer Electro Lift Facial this is the best cutting edge treatment for clients who don't want botox or surgery. The Electro Lift Treatment is gentle, relaxing, and painless, with no recovery time

We also offer Photo Light Therapy which stimulates your collagen production and improves your blood flow in the capillary system.  Other benefits of Photo Light Therapy is the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, dilated capillaries, rosacea, sun damage, age spots, acne & acne scars.  PLT is also a great treatment for firming and toning the skin.

There are many facials to chose from your aesthetician will be happy to help you decide on the best one for you., just a few of our skin care options. Enjoy a 30 min to an hour session to get your skin health back on track. Check out our page on Advanced Skin Care By Shanti!